Aircraft from various airlines take passengers across the world every day. Passengers rely on airlines to take them to their various destinations safely and on time. This is not only a huge responsibility for airlines and MRO’s but also a complex process. To ensure continuous aircraft airworthiness and optimal fleet operational availability you need a reliable aircraft maintenance operation and an optimal flight planning.

Avilytics is designed to support you to achieve just that!

With Avilytics you have the ability to monitor the reliability of your fleet, where required investigate and take action, work more cost effective and simultaneously adhere to the high safety standards of the aviation industry. It safes you valuable time as it identifies all the important information you need in a simple and fast way.

Avilytics is a software tool to analyse aircraft data and visualize performance. It provides real time data about all aspects around the aircraft’s operational performance and supports you to analyse trends. The information is visualized by Avilytics in a simple way so that decisions and improvements can be made instantly.

Some functionalities within Avilytics to underline the commitment of effective reliability engineering and optimizing your flight planning include:

  • Maintenance/Pilot Finding trends per ATA chapter: Monitor your monthly amount of findings per ATA chapter and sub-chapter to review the reliability of your aircraft’s systems.
  • System Reliability reporting per ATA chapter: Let Avilytics generate a reliability report of ATA systems to find unexpected deviations in the amount of findings, which helps preventing AOG.
  • Monitor unscheduled removal of parts: Monitor the mean time between unscheduled removals (MTBUR) of rotable parts. Compare this with the suppliers guarantee to check the quality and functionality of rotables.
  • Technical Delay root analysis: Find the most common technical reasons for delays to improve your aircraft’s operational availability.
  • Maintenance interval usage: Check the compliancy of the intervals of your line and base maintenance checks to ensure airworthiness of your aircraft.
  • Aircraft Health Monitoring: Download the health monitoring data from your aircraft and data mine fault codes to identify system failures before they occur.

The information provided with these functionalities enable airlines to optimize the balance between cost and revenue of your maintenance operation to achieve the ideal result.  Avilytics enables you to detect all defects of an aircraft in time and even before happening. As such allow airlines to achieve an optimal level of fleet availability. It supports you to improve the organisation of your operation by indicating with one click the parts and resources available for replacement and repair. Moreover, Avilytics can optimize your flight planning by comparing the flight planning versus the fleet’s maintenance check requirements, knowing your check interval usage for each individual maintenance check and optimize the planning of maintenance accordingly. 

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