To ensure continuous aircraft airworthiness and maximum up time of an aircraft, aircraft require aircraft maintenance on various destinations across the globe. This maintenance consists of recurring maintenance and incident based maintenance (AOG: Aircraft On Ground). MRO’s and airlines need various MRO stations across the globe to be able to service all aircraft. In order to be profitable every MRO station needs to be equiped efficiently in terms of resources, tools and parts.

The factors on which the profitability of an MRO station are determined are:

  • The type of maintenance contracts for each station: Scheduled maintenance versus unscheduled maintenance
  • Permanent staff pool versus hired staff pool
  • The logistics around parts and tools
  • Occupancy of your MRO station: Resource planning versus aircraft maintenance planning

To optimize your MRO station occupancy, you first need to know how every MRO station performs. Avilytics enables you to analyze how every MRO station performs in terms of capacity management versus flight planning. With Avilytics you can track the turn-over, costs and profit of each maintenance station and make instant decisions on how to optimize your station capatalization.

Via the Google maps integration Avilytics can simply and clearly visualize the current status of the performance of every MRO stations across the globe in one image:

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