Avilytics is a result of EXSYN using the latest digital technologies to find a strong synergy between aviation and technology to benefit the aviation industry. The core essence of Avilytics is that it is designed based on in depth knowledge and experience of the Aviation industry and that airlines and MRO's, by applying Avilytics, will be able to operate against lower costs, adhere to the high safety standard of the aviation industry and reduce human induced errors. 

In the next weeks EXSYN will be introducing some important functionalities of the Avilytics solution:

  • Today we start with ‘Optimize your maintenance operation'.
  • On Thursday September 24th  we will highlight 'Engineering reliability and optimal planning'
  • Followed on Tuesday September 29th by 'Measure MRO station profits'.
  • And on Thursday October 1st  ‘Purchasing vs. consumption – monitoring your inventory’

Optimize your maintenance operation
With Avilytics you can check the current status of open Deferred Defects or perform your own defect trend and root cause analysis. Together with the reasons of deferral, you can make decisions on material or manpower management.

Here are a few examples of the functionality in Avilytics which support you in optimizing your maintenance performance:

  • Track your fleet’s operational performance

Avilytics allows you to track the fleet’s general flight statistics, such as average daily flight hours, and compare this with occurred delays. It allows the operator to optimize the fleet’s operational availability by calculating the most occurring causes of delays.

  • Open defect trend and root cause analysis

Avilytics helps you find the main causes of deferred defect trends to increase maintenance performance. It helps you monitor your maintenance slot punctuality and common causes of slot exceedance to decrease maintenance slot costs.

  • Monitor check punctuality of individual maintenance checks

With Avilytics you can monitor the performance of your planning department by calculating the average interval usage of maintenance checks. It enables you to set a target for each individual maintenance check to automatically calculate the interval usage compliancy. You can also monitor the most common reasons for check de-assignments to prevent these in the future.

The graphic below shows an example of the maintenance performance in the area of Deferred Defects: 

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