Have you ever been in the situation that you are working on something and think this can’t be it, this can be done much more efficient?

Well, around 5 years ago we have been in such a situation. During one of our first major projects we faced three shipping containers full of aircraft records, six aircraft and a whole bunch of data that had to be checked, verified, and loaded into an MRO software within a short timeframe. That laid the foundations of what later became our flagship solution TITAN.

Since then TITAN underwent some upgrades and the solution developed continuously; but the backbone philosophy remained the same: processing, verifying, cleaning, and loading aircraft airworthiness data with a repetitive architecture to make aircraft phase-in or MRO software implementations less time consuming and raising data quality.

We wanted to achieve more efficiency in daily processes so that the engineering and maintenance department can solely focus on managing continuing airworthiness instead of managing aircraft data.


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