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TITAN is a data processing tool for the aviation industry to seamlessly extract, manage and load aircraft data into and between any MRO software. By using TITAN no data needs to be entered in the software manually; continued airworthiness data is fast and securely processed across various platforms. 

TITAN is a 7 in 1 data processing tool, it can be used for: 

A/C phase-in, data migration, data cleansing, data validation, fit-gap analysis, mass data updates and reporting. 

Benefits & specifications

  • No manual data entry
  • Improvement of data quality 
  • Simple repetitive process reduces time spent on data processing projects 
  • Automatic merging of multiple sources to receive one output file ready for transfer 
  • Pre-built library of scripts allowing to process aicraft data from industry known sources: e.g. AMOS, TRAX, SAP, or OASES
  • Connects to any industry relational or hierarchical database software 
  • Pre-built functions to handle OEM data
  • Data warehouse with standardized and up-to-date templates of aircraft data

‚ÄčManaged Servicenot enough resources or time?

We have conducted several data migration projects; we understand: 

  • That it is never just about migrating data, but it’s about transforming an organization by implementing a new MRO software
  • The complex issues between engineering, maintenance, logistics, planning and IT departments, between key-users and system integrators
  • The requirements which need to be clear so that all aircraft data is fit for purpose for the new MRO software

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