Enable your team to conduct a migration or phase-in quickly against high data integrity. TITAN ETL is more than just an ETL engine, it gives aviation engineers a readily available infrastructure without the need to involve the IT department. Engineers can get access to standardized pre-build aircraft data migration scripts and EXSYN's data warehouse to enrich data to speed up data migration projects and aircraft phase-ins. We have used the TITAN ETL in conjunction with many different MRO software systems, including Mainframe systems. 

Data Migration Consulting & Support

EXSYN's aviation engineering and aircraft data experts have supported many airlines in their data migration projects either during an MRO Software implementation or during aircraft phase-in/out. What we have done: 

  • Analysing and mapping the different databases structures
  • Identifying and resolving data quality and integrity issues
  • Stating the requirements so that all airworthiness data is fit for purpose for the new MRO software
  • Managing the complex issues between engineering, maintenance, logistics, planning and IT departments, between key-users and system integration
  • Conducting the data migration itself by using our TITAN ETL


TITAN uses the visual layer of its engine ETL software in order to remove the need for complex code based programming for aircraft data migration between systems.  TITAN ETLs' unique ability to include free JAVA code allows to tackle any possible scenario which might be able to be established by means of the pre-build functions with both TITAN as well as its engine ETL software.

  • Repository of pre-build aircraft data migration scripts from many MRO/M&E sources
  • Repository of pre-build aircraft data migration scripts from different OEM’s
  • Data feed into EXSYN’s data warehouse to automatically enrich and / or clean data
  • Automated script version control
  • Central issue tracking system
  • Data Quality Dashboard (for AMOS only)



You might conduct a data migration project once in 10 years, for us it's daily business.


Reduce time of data migration significantly


Access to aviation data warehouse to add or update airworthiness data


Increased level of data quality enables to benefit from MRO system from day-one