Many Airlines face challenges in record collections and consolidation when an aircraft needs to be returned to lessors as part of an end-of-lease or as part of a phase-out of the aircraft. These challenges can lead to costly late return penalty fees, lease contract terms exceedance and additional manpower requirements from the airline engineering department to hand-back the aircraft.

Automatic creation of Redelivery Binder & Status Reports

By joining several functions of EXSYN’s platform a powerful infrastructure is created to automatically create and maintain the aircraft delivery binder and subsequent aircraft status reports. This solution can be used on a redelivery project bases, avoiding high cost of continuous software licenses. The TITAN Aircraft redelivery suite is compliant with EASA and FAA regulations as well as follows IATA best practice guide lines on technical records management. Thru integration with all major MRO/M&E software actual aircraft airworthiness data is easily consolidated and compared with the actual certified records of the aircraft. Intuitive dash-boarding functions allow to directly identify missing aircraft records or inconsistencies in the redelivery data. The solution fully supports SPEC2500 XML data outputs and can be enhanced further with several managed services such as record scanning, delivery book completion services and redelivery project management.

Project Infrastructure

Having a digital records and reporting infrastructure during aircraft redelivery benefits all involved stakeholders greatly. However, redelivery of an aircraft is not something that occurs on an on-going bases in an airline. As such the TITAN redelivery infrastructure can be activated and deactivated based on a per-project aircraft redelivery bases. By providing this flexibility for airlines and lease companies like we allow our customer to save costs on continuous running software charges despite the system not being utilized on a continuous bases.

In addition, managed services can be contracted on a per-project bases allowing to cater for short term staff constraints in the engineering team and to contract experienced project management to safeguard a proper and timely return of the aircraft to its lessor.



Avoid costly penalty fee’s when redeliver the aircraft at its end-of-lease & reduce costs of aircraft technical record keeping


Online access into aircraft technical records & seamless integration with MRO software system


Augment your organization with aircraft data specialists from EXSYN in order to manage the aircraft redelivery process


Readily available infrastructure