Engineering & Maintenance departments are faced with more complex and diversified digital landscape than ever before. The increased digital landscape has positive impact on the efficiency and cost reduction but its full potenial is only achieved if interlinked properly and human-to-system-interaction is reduced. EXSYN’s integration service enables airlines this interlink and to automatically and continuously exchange information between systems used within the airline as well as their suppliers. 

Defining and developing integrations

Automatically exchanging information between systems is of great operational advantage as people have all information available at any time and ensures optimal collaboration. Therefore, it is essential that interfaces are defined and developed properly. Defining and developing customized interfaces requires a broad understanding of maintenance and engineering processes, system architecture, and technical know-how. EXSYN's interface subject matter experts have several years of in-depth aviation maintenance and IT knowledge and ensure that all needed interfaces are implemented within agreed time and budget.




Create the required integration between systems and platforms in order to exchange the information needed


Allows to sync data between systems in real-time


Extract only the information needed and use different pieces for different tasks


Every interface is set up according to pre-defined criteria and infrastructure