Are you also dealing with many manual processing tasks that are repetitive, boring and time-consuming? Time to change and take the robot out of the human by applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  RPA is a technology that allows the user to create a software ‘robot’. This robot mimics the actions a human employee would do and does so in the same user interface of the system. And the good news is; RPA proof-of-concept can be accomplished within a few weeks without impacting the existing IT infrastructure. It is a one-time investment with a long term effect on employee work satisfaction as a side effect. So, why not start now? 

Identifying the Right Processes

It is necessary to find the right processes for automation as this is the basis for a successful roll-out of RPA. During workshops EXSYN's experts together with you will map and score internal business process against EXSYN's unique RPA scoring model specifically designed for airlines environment. In general, there are several characteristics that make processes interesting for automation: 

  1. The process should be rule-based
  2. Predictability of the process
  3. Repetitively

The greatest yield can be achieved by automating repetitive processes. Processes that occur frequently and are more or less the same with every execution. For example downloading files, moving files from A to B, filling out forms on a website or entering airworthiness data into a digital maintenance management system. By exploring the possibilities to automate such tasks, airlines can relocate manhours to value creating processes, that require creativity and will boost the overall motivation of the workers. 

Enhanced Compliance

Airlines are operating in a highly-regulated environment, the adoption of RPA can bring immense benefits in terms of improved compliance:

1. Transactions are recorded, and pre-defined steps are applied by software bots, preventing manual errors and providing full transparency to auditors.

2. Robots can perform daily tasks related to risk and compliance including execution of reconciliations and automation of routine controls reducing the workload for employees.

Managed Service

We can support you with: 

  1. Company wide business scan to identify the opportunity for RPA in your business
  2. Develop the implementation strategy
  3. Set up a proof of concept
  4. Creation of process robots
  5. Implementation of strategy and robots 
  6. The set up of an internal RPA Centre of Excellence



We have in-depth knowledge of engineering & maintenance processes, RPA and IT


Low intrusion as RPA mimics user interactions with current systems


Quick gains and reliable performance


Increase efficiency without necessarily loosing jobs