We are happy to announce that EXSYN and ASL Belgium have successfully migrated ASL Belgium aircraft from AMASIS to the ASL Group AMOS system.

With the migration of the full airworthiness data to the ASL Group AMOS system, ASL Belgium joins the central airworthiness management system of the ASL Group. Thru this enabling the Liege based Cargo operator to in-source the continuous airworthiness management of their fleet under their own CAMO approval. Critical path in this aircraft data migration exercise was the migration of airworthiness data into an already operational system used to manage similar aircraft types as well as migrating the aircraft according to a pre-set schedule rather than a big bang approach. Another critical point was the extraction of data from the source AMASIS system that required additional techniques available in EXSYN’s aircraft data management platform. The coming months will be dedicated to migrating further remaining aircraft of ASL-Belgium into the ASL Group AMOS system.

“ASLB with EXSYN support has managed to perform the B737-400 data migration from AMASIS and integration into the ASL Group AMOS airworthiness management system in the initially allotted timeframe, even in the middle of this extremely difficult period the world is going through. Remote collaboration by both teams has been excellent, and it shows how means to reach aggressive targets can always be found by motivated aviation people“ says Javier Tena, AMOS Project Manager ASL Belgium

Bruno Cadete, Aircraft Data Consultant at EXSYN, adds: "Happy to have been a part of the successful integration of ASL Belgium into the ASL Group AMOS system. Through the remote collaboration of people within EXSYN,  ASL Belgium and ASL Group, we were able to overcome the restrictions of a global pandemic and show that despite the difficult situation where the aviation sector was thrown in, there is still space for companies and airlines to grow and improve together with the help of EXSYN. "

About ASL Airlines Belgium

ASL Airlines Belgium, formerly TNT Airways, is a Belgian cargo airline operating chartered cargo flights. It has its head office and hub on the grounds of Liège Airport. ASL Airlines Belgium is part of the ASL Aviation Group.

About EXSYN Aviation Solutions

EXSYN Aviation Solutions is specialized in the field of aircraft data, analytics & processing. Our portfolio of technology focuses on aircraft data and airworthiness management. These include tools for aircraft reliability management, predictive maintenance, system integration, aircraft records archiving and managed services for data migration, aircraft data optimization, and robotic process automation.