February 1st, my internship here at EXSYN took off. I am currently enrolled in the Engineering honours program at the University of Applied Sciences at Amsterdam.  I want to research predictive possibilities in the aviation world using big data. I could have done this at any MRO or airline company but I chose to apply at EXSYN because they have a lot more expertise in this field. The atmosphere at the office is very open and relaxed. There is enough space for creativity and exploring new ideas, but also for a laugh, some music and a little game of table football. Everyone keeps the main goal of EXSYN in mind, making the lives of MRO’s and airlines easier by enabling them with digital technology, and they are dedicated to achieve this.

During my internship here I will research the possibilities of further developing and strengthening EXSYN’s capabilities in the area of predictive maintenance. Airlines and MRO companies are searching more and more to solutions further than, for example, LEAN methods to optimise their maintenance processes. The conventional methods do not provide a solution for the unpredictable processes and events occurring each day. Airlines and MRO’s now tend to turn to internal data and the knowledge that lies within this in order to improve their maintenance processes. However they store massive amounts of data on a day to day basis. All this data could have the potential to enhance maintenance processes by predicting for example aircraft system behaviour and component break-down’s.

I hope my research will ultimately result in a model suitable for predictive analysis on aircraft system reliability and component reliability. The ultimate goal here is to be able to predict system or aircraft component malfunctions prior to these malfunctions causing delays or cancellations of flights. I plan to work on this together with the other students in the honours program who work at several companies (and clients of EXSYN) such as Lufthansa, TUI and Nayak.