Name: Sjoerd Simon Benjamin Stilma

Nationality: Dutch

Job Title: Aircraft Data Consultant

Working at EXSYN since: February 2015


  1. I started at EXSYN through a graduate research for Avilytcs, thereafter I continued working for EXYSN in the operations team.
  2. Outside of work I can regularly be spotted with a tennis racket or a guitar playing in a band.
  3. The thing I enjoy most working for EXSYN is being at different places and customers all over the world with different cultures.
  4. One of my favourite dishes is a seafood paella, however generally speaking I love the Asian kitchen best!
  5. I win 99% of the matches played at the EXSYN table football and afterwards I mostly enjoy seeing my colleagues do push ups as they have lost.


"I can still remember the first day I walked in at EXSYN, the interview I had with Sander was at the old location of EXSYN, at the other side of the road of where we are currently located. Some weeks later I started at EXSYN as a graduate researcher, me still being a student in Amsterdam. The team at that time was still very small, I think we were with just five people. A couple of years later this has changed.

The first words that come to mind when someone would ask how I experience my work at EXSYN are; dynamic, flexibility and a good atmosphere. We are a young and driven team and I really enjoy working and interacting with my colleagues. The fact that we are a relatively small team with so many customers all over the world is motivating. Of course, the travel that comes along with it now and then is also a nice feature that keeps things interesting!"