Name: Robert Alexander Vermeij

Nationality: Dutch

Job Title: Project Manager

Working at EXSYN since: November 2014


  1. I have bought a new house last year and I am making it the house of the future by automating everything in the home and literally talk to it… “beam me up Scotty!”
  2. I lived abroad in the UK for a year to complete a Master in Air Transport Management.
  3. During that same year at the university I met my, now, Chinese wife and we live together in The Netherlands ever since.
  4. My passion for aviation was lightened at a very young age, when my parents took me on three consecutive round the world trips where lots of flying was involved, in the 90s it was not as common as today to be flying often, let alone many long distance.
  5. At one point in time, I had over 500 scale aircraft models


‘At EXSYN you really feel part of something greater, working with a relatively small team for major customers. You see the company progressing and growing daily as a direct result of something you did yourself. It is an experience hard to put in words, but there is a sense of belonging and true meaning for each and every team member, and no we are not a cult 😉. Quite the opposite to a cult, your input in how things should be done are highly appreciated or actually mandatory. You often find yourself paving the way to something new for the company and being a pioneer, before you know it, you are the lead expert on a new EXSYN solution.

Next to work, this energy comes best into outing in our (at least) biannual, legendary team days and even overnighters. You think you’ve seen it all after the first, until you go to the next event. People within the company know each other very well, and thus also how to pull the (funny!) strings on colleagues during those days.’