Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering is a multidisciplinary field of engineering. It involves techniques and procedures to analyze the performance of the equipment, and the reasons for failures and downtime. Reliability Engineering is an important part of the engineering team and failure prediction as well as failures identification. 

Reliability Report

The Reliability Report is required by aviation authorities from every operator. For European countries authority is the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and for USA it is the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency). Reports in most cases reach authorities every month, for every aircraft, from every operator. Reports differ between each other depending on type of aircraft, number of aircrafts operated in company, number of hours flown, tape of missions and so on. What form and kind of data will appear in report is written in Reliability Programs accepted by aviation authorities and created by operators, but in every report there are such data as hours flown by each aircraft, number of landings, number of defects and accidents, schedule interruptions, delays, cancellations, air turn backs, and diversions and reporting. 

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