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LifeSpan is EXSYN's best-practice consultancy service for guiding an Airline or MRO in the process of enabling optimal benefits out of their engineering and maintenance processes, current  MRO software, or selecting a new MRO software. EXSYN supports Airlines or MRO’s in the implementation of a new MRO software and in the necessary business transformation in terms of people, process and project management to achieve the maximum benefit. EXSYN’s experts have many years of accumulated experience organizational change management with IT system implementation in the aviation industry.  


The importance of improving your maintenance and engineering processes LifeSpan process improvement

All Airlines and MRO’s strive for the most cost-efficient aircraft maintenance operation with full compliance and safety. To achieve this you need optimal engineering and maintenance processes, meaning most cost and operationally efficiency and effectiveness. Getting the most out of your engineering and maintenance processes is of significance to ensure sustainability of your Airline or MRO and to stay financially strong. 

What are you looking for?

  1. You want to re-define you current engineering  and maintenance processes to save costs?
  2. You need a gap analysis on your existing MRO software to improve processes?
  3. You need to implement a new MRO software?
  4. You need to select a new MRO software system? 

Why choose EXSYN

  • We have years of experience with Airlines and MRO's and truly know what is involved.
  • We combine in-depth knowledge of Airline and MRO process improvement and MRO software systems.
  • We match your requirements with the available systems to improve operational performance and deliver the best ROI.
  • We guide you through the needed organizational change and business process changes. 
  • We are recognized by our customers in matching their demand with the appropriate system and guide and support them throughout the whole process.
  • We have supported many Airlines and MRO's achieving the most out of their current  MRO/M&E software system.
  • We gave supported many Airlines and MRO's to further digitize their maintenance operation in order to give them that cutting edge advantage.

Want to get the best out of your current maintenance and engineering processes ? Or wish to switch to a new MRO/M&E software system? 

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