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Integrator is EXSYN’s data integration tool to automatically and continuously exchange information between systems used within airlines, MRO’s and the aviation industry in generic. Automatically exchanging information between systems is of great operational advantage as people have all information available at any time and ensures optimal collaboration between all departments within the airline and their external suppliers. 


Integration is the key to MRO data exchange

Buying new aircraft to replace old ones or extend the fleet, or merging operation or MRO activities with other airlines, creates the demand for Airlines to handle and exchange aircraft data. All this aircraft data is stored in various MRO software systems. Integration between these systems is needed to exchange the aircraft data. 

Using various algorithms, Integrator uses data exports, imports, and an underlying data warehouse to establish open data integration between all systems required by an Airline or MRO. It enables an Airline to extract information from their existing MRO software and using different pieces for different tasks.     

Why Integrator

  • It is an universal interface solution.
  • It creates the required integration between systems and platforms in order to exchange the information needed.
  • It eliminates the need of human actions or intervention when aircraft data needs to be made available into multiple systems.
  • It allows the creation of aircraft data exchange from a large variety of locations.
  • It allows to sync data between systems in real-time.
  • It allows the creation of data exchange through a number of different techniques, using a plurality of heuristic algorithms. 
  • It avoids the need of having point-to-point interfaces between all your various sytsems.

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