An off-the-shelf product is not meeting your need or is above budget? EXSYN's offers a custom aviation solution design service for Airline and MRO Engineering & Maintenance departments. EXSYN's aviation development team creates tailored aircraft data solutions that can be small, but have big impact, such as: 

  • BI-dashboards
  • Mobile Applications
  • Universal MRO Software Add-ons
  • RPA

Line Maintenance Coordinator - LOCO

To improve efficiency for line maintenance operations, EXSYN has developed LOCO a mobile app that can be used by Maintenance Control Center and Line Engineers for real-time updates about the status of an Aircraft. 
Line Engineers receive their own task lists, arrival & departure information of aircraft's assigned to and latest information with regard to delays and re-scheduling. By using LOCO the MCC and Line Engineers have real-time insights into e.g. status of the aircraft, changes in planning, deferred defects of a specific aircraft.



Robotic Process Automation

Within an airline there are many tasks that have a repetitive/routine-based nature. These tasks cost valuable time, they decrease motivation and the risk for human induced errors increases. Applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) increases the efficiency of an airline, makes airlines more competitive and it can reduce or even take away human induced errors. RPA is a technique which allows to create a ‘robot’ that can perform actions in one or more digital systems.

For example downloading files, moving files from A to B, filling out a form on a website or entering airworthiness data into a digital maintenance management system. By exploring the possibilities to automate such tasks, airlines can relocate manhours to value creating processes, that require creativity and will boost the overall motivation of the workers. 



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