Increase data quality and reduce costs by empowering your team with our in-depth knowledge around aircraft data & data migration.  EXSYN's aviation and aircraft data experts support and advise airlines in adapting their processes to an increasingly digital aviation world. EXSYN’s consulting service focus on two major area’s:

  1. Aircraft data quality improvement and optimization
  2. Data migration support during a MRO software implementation or aircraft phase-in/phase-out

Aircraft Data Scan & Optimization

Within airlines often not enough attention has been paid and given to data audits that verify the information residing within either isolated data islands or integrated systems. With a data scan EXSYN uses its various tools and knowhow in order to benchmark the airline’s / aircraft continued airworthiness data against industry standards and best practice. Airlines typically undergo a data scan with EXSYN when:

  • They are considering a replacement / upgrade of their existing MRO/M&E software system
  • They need an independent party to verify the data accuracy of their fleet data
  • They need to return a leased aircraft, renew the lease of an aircraft or plan to retire a fleet of aircraft to best assess its records and plan for optimized utilization and maintenance

Every scan is accompanied with a set of recommendations on how to best address the identified gaps.

Data Migration Support

EXSYN's aviation engineering and aircraft data experts have supported many airlines in their data migration projects either during an MRO Software implementation or during aircraft phase-in/out. What we have done: 

  • Analysing and mapping the different databases structures
  • Identifying and resolving data quality and integrity issues
  • Stating the requirements so that all airworthiness data is fit for purpose for the new MRO software
  • Managing the complex issues between engineering, maintenance, logistics, planning and IT departments, between key-users and system integration
  • Conducting the data migration itself by using our TITAN ETL



We have in-depth knowledge of aircraft data, engineering processes and latest digital technology


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