Airlines buy a new MRO software system to replace their legacy system, get new aircraft to replace old ones, or to extend their fleet. In any of these scenarios the process of data migration is involved. Conducting a data migration project is always a big barrier as after all, data is the airworthiness of the fleet. By combining in-depth knowledge on aircraft data, aviation & data migration processes with our data processing tool, EXSYN is eliminating this barrier. 

Aviation Data Processing Tool

EXSYN's aviation and aircraft data experts have developed a data processing tool specifically for the aviation industry to establish a standard for aircraft data migration to speed up the process. EXSYN's extensive data warehouse offers a large pool of industry standardized airworthiness data to bridge aircraft data gaps to improve data quality. Through integrated quality checks and the possibility to conduct endless rehearsals, the actual aircraft data content can be verified easily and the airworthiness of the fleet guaranteed throughout the migration process. EXSYN has used its aircraft data processing tool in conjunction with many different MRO software systems, including Mainframe systems.



Managed Service

EXSYN has conducted and managed several data migration projects and understands:

  • The complex issues between engineering, maintenance, logistics, planning and IT departments, between key-users and system integrators
  • The requirements which need to be clear so that all airworthiness data is fit for purpose for the new MRO software
  • The complexity and differences of databases



You might conduct a data migration project once in 10 years, for us it's daily business.


Reduce time of data migration significantly


Access to aviation data warehouse to add or update airworthiness data


Increased level of data quality enables to benefit from MRO system from day-one