Please be aware that some time ago the EASA has issued a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA 2014-04) on Technical Records. We believe that it is helpful that people are already aware of the upcoming change as it may impact the data migration projects some of us are involved in and the associated assessment of technical records.

Below is the link to the EASA website

Terminology of NPA 2014-04 is already used in the Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) of the Netherlands on acceptance of materials, ref:


Executive Summary (copied from NPA):

Technical records are the means to assess the airworthiness status of a product and its components. Incomplete technical records may lead to a wrong assessment with safety risk.

Although there are specific requirements in the rule, the Agency infers from the number of queries received that the provisions are not clear enough on what should be kept and for how long.

Furthermore, this NPA evaluates the use of new technologies and copies of the continuing airworthiness records, providing more guidance on the commonly used information technology (IT) systems. This evaluation is always done taking into account different operations/aircraft, so the less complex aviation community is not imposed to hold records in the same way that more complex ones are.

The Agency received a safety recommendation from AAIB which is addressed within this rulemaking task (ref.: UNKG-2007-091). It recommends that the maintenance and overhaul records must be part of the log book and retained until the aircraft/engine/propeller/component has been destroyed or permanently removed from service.