Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 14th February 2019) for a full overview and demo of Avilytics, EXSYN’s Predictive Maintenance, Aircraft Reliability and Engineering & Maintenance analytics tool. Avilytics covers the entire value chain within maintenance and engineering and includes the following functionalies: AOG Risk Prediction, Reliability Engineering, Logistics, E&M KPI and Engine Health Monitoring. As you will see during the Webinar, Avilytics taps into the data streams generated by aircraft maintenance to provide instant insights to fleet health status, reliability, organizational performance and aircraft risk profiles to reduce AOG’s through informed decision making on the day of operations to prevent delays, cancellations and save costs. 

During the Webinar EXSYN experts will walk you through the different Avilytics suites to show how the tool uses Aircraft Technical and Operational data to provide predictive analytics on component failures as well as state-of-the-art reliability analysis and reporting. You will see how Avilytics can be integrated with any MRO / M&E software solution to provide airlines, aircraft operators, MROs, and others with better insights into aircraft health and component status, as-well-as potential future problems which can then be dealt with during scheduled maintenance rather than leading to an AOG. 

The Webinar begins with a brief introduction to EXSYN and Avilytics. Then you will see how the software measures and monitors all maintenance related processes and key-drivers, such as dispatch reliability and unscheduled removals, providing fleet status and comparison, and reliability reporting in real-time. You will see how Avilytics sends early warning messages to engineers regarding potential problems and provides an airline's maintenance control centre with AOG risk predictions. EXSYN will also provide you with an overview of recent developments, the future outlook and the steps needed to implement the solution

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