European based line maintenance provider, Nayak Aircraft Service, and EXSYN have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement to adopt various digital solutions for aircraft line maintenance. Next to multiple different focus areas currently being further explored, this renewed cooperation will start with the implementation of EXSYN’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Bots to support daily operational processes within Nayak Netherlands. Other key focus area’s being looked at include data analytics & prediction, integrations with airline systems and utilization of EXSYN’s IoT network.

About Nayak:

Nayak Aircraft Service is Europe’s largest airline independent MRO service provider. Nayak offers its services at more than 40 stations across the continent. With main bases is Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and Milan. The Nayak Group consists of three legal entities that work together towards a common vision of being the leading company when it comes to safe operational support and the highest degree of flexibility. Whenever you choose to fly to a new destination, it is Nayaks goal to support you from the very start. Nayak holds a variety of international acknowledged certificates, among others EASA Part-145, EASA Part-147, FAA Repair Station.

About EXSYN Aviation Solutions:

EXSYN Aviation Solutions is an industry recognized partner for engineering & data solutions for the aviation industry. Driven by the purpose of supporting airlines and MRO’s to adapting to an increasingly digital aviation world. EXSYN’s customer base includes major flag-, regional- and cargo carriers as well as MRO providers. EXSYN’s offering of applications and services is specialized for the fields of aircraft data management, data analytics & data processing.

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