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About the project

During the implemementation of the MRO software AMOS,  EXSYN supported Wideroe to achieve more efficiency out of the AMOS system in the area's of maintenance control and planning. EXSYN also did the documentation review of 6 DHC8-400 (Q400) aircraft and afterwards directly uploaded all aircraft information in AMOS. This “delayed re-delivery” was due within 8 weeks. Therefore the EXSYN experts needed to adhere to a strict project plan and tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of the work performed. Detailed inspection sheets where created in a uniform standard that allowed the team members to work in a unified standard way. These sheets and there findings directly served as the prime source to load all actual aircraft data into the AMOS system of Wideroe. During the re-delivery process, already two aircraft where resold again and one Q400 was scrapped for spare sparts. The remaining three aircraft where phased-in the fleet of Wideroe after all findings that the project team had found where resolved by physically replacing  components of the aircraft and performing a full bridge-in check and test-flights to get the aircraft into the maintenance schedule of Wideroe. 

About Wideroe

Widerøe is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia. The company carries around 2.8 million passengers annually and flies to 47 domestic and international destinations. Widerøe operates more than 450 flights every day and operates to more than twice as many airports in Norway than any other airline. Today their network consists of 60% commercial routes, and 40% PSO routes (Public Services Obligations). www.wideroe.no