“Data driven Airlines and MRO’s have 4% higher productivity rates and 6% higher profits”

Within the operations of Airlines and MRO’s tremendous amounts of data are being generated. At the core this data holds significant value for Airlines and MRO’s in order to gain higher productivity, have lower maintenance costs and be able to have higher yields. The questions however is, how to unlock this data and once unlocked what needs to be done in order to achieve the value that hides within?

At EXSYN we continuously work on providing answers and solutions for this question. Getting to this point requires to focus on the three main aspects of Big Data:

Timely access and retain data;
Analyse and interpret data;
Base decision making on data

In order to tackle these three main aspects we designed our solution platform based on four core focus areas:

Data Processing capability in order to ensure timely access;
Data Storage capability in order to ensure retention of data
Data Visualization capability in order to analyse and interpret data
Related Services to guide Airlines and MRO’s to become data driven organizations

Research shows that data driven companies have, on average, 4% more productivity and 6% more profits. Imagine what 4% higher productivity in maintenance can mean for the overall fleet availability of your airline and what 6% more profits means to your shareholders. All of which can be achieved by data Airlines and MRO’s are already sitting on today. Hence every day our team works on enhancing either our data processing capabilities, storage capabilities or visualization capabilities. Adding either new features or enhancements to our existing solutions. Allowing Airlines and MRO’s to unlock the hidden value of their data