The SCEPTRE system is a piece of ancient database technology still used today by airlines to manage their aircraft airworthiness and maintenance data. Mainly still present with airlines in the United States, it posts a huge cost in order to maintain its infrastructure (IBM mainframe from the late ‘80s) and build add-on application to enable modern day digitalization initiatives such as mobile devices, e-signature or predictive maintenance. In today’s crisis and recovery of airlines lower the costs of digital infrastructure and at the same time continue with digitalization is of paramount importance for long term stability of airlines. However, if your backbone is built on SCEPTRE how to get the critical set of aircraft airworthiness & maintenance data out of this system in a controlled way without grounding your fleet? Read about how EXSYN tackled this challenge in our case-study (see below). It might also help you in some of your upcoming aircraft return deliveries!

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Data Migration case study