In this article Sander de Bree will be discussing the ability of airlines to adopt new systems and technology. Identify your digital airline DNA to determine how much effort it will take for your organization to successfully adopt a new system. The following topics will be discussed:

- What is meant by digital DNA

- The three types of airline digital DNA 

- What to do next 


In this article we’ll be discussing the ability of airlines to adopt new systems and technology.  Examples will be used which draw from over 10 years working with different airlines and MRO’s worldwide in numerous digital initiatives. Most of the examples will build on Engineering & Maintenance is this still is still my own little biased interest as an aeronautical engineer, however, could just as easily apply to any other department in an airline.

What is meant by digital DNA?

We know from biology that DNA contains the instructions an organism needs to develop, function, and reproduce. It is formed at conception and does not change. However, the same DNA can express itself in different ways based on one’s environment. It’s the reason identical twins have different fingerprints. In this process, called “expression,” the instructions in the DNA are turned into proteins and other cellular products. To remain competitive in the digital era, organizations across all industries assess and build the digital capabilities needed to grow and exploit new business channels. However, digital transformation is not easy, irrespective of where you are on your digital journey.