Some get really excited about data, others more frustrated. Some see data as a big opportunity, others just as big bunch of unstructured information. We here at EXSYN get really excited about data. Data does not only display facts; it can create ‘aha’ moments. Data is vital for our processes and the magic we can do for our clients. Here are 7 reasons why we love data:   

1. Data is unambiguous

Data shows the big picture, the facts! Decision-making can be made on facts rather than a gut feeling. As you probably experience yourself, our gut says one thing one day, and something different the next day. However, data shows the same plain facts every day. By analysing data, we are provided with objective answers.

2. Data helps to steer efforts in the right direction

Linked to the decision-making process based on data; data driven decisions ensure that any efforts and resources are heading towards the right goals and objectives. Plus, it’s a transparent decision-making as everyone can see on what the decision is based.

3. With data the possibilities are endless

The amount of available data is getting more every day. For example, the next-gen aircraft create around 40TB per hour of flight. This creates plenty of new possibilities for us every single day, as all these data ‘wants’ and also should be used to improve processes so that airlines can increase efficiency.

4. For using data, we don’t need to build machines

The great thing about data is that we mainly need a laptop/computer and our own skills. We analyse data, apply/build scripts & models, connect different data sets with each other and in the end create great things. There is no need to build a machine, just a laptop and our skills and we can take-off.  

5. With data and digital technology, we can build lasting, user-friendly solutions and also cool stuff

With the available data and digital technology, we can build lasting and user-friendly solutions which match the needs of our clients. As the possibilities are endless and increase continuously, we are challenged every day on how we can improve the processes at our clients with the available data. We can focus on complex topics such as predictive maintenance but also on small solutions which can have a huge impact on the daily operation of an airline. We apply the given data to create magic at our clients and that’s all what we want.

6. Airworthiness is data

If we talk about airworthiness, everything is data driven. Ever tried to manage a maintenance program without the aid of data and digital solutions? By using all the available data of an airline we are able to have a huge impact on the improvement and simplification of the management of continued airworthiness, and that’s great as we just want to let aircraft fly.

7. Data helps to bridge the gaps in terms of Airline operations and Airline maintenance

Two distinct parts of an airline, but tied to one common goal: reduce ground time. Often overlooked, but data can help bridge the gap between the two and thereby making sure planes can increase airtime. As an example, the role engine health or aircon system health has on fuel burn, or the continuous strive for optimization for the maintenance plan versus the flight schedule. This is just music to our ears.

Data is resistant, it tells us about the past, present and future. Eventually aircraft will retire but not data.