Name: Rutger Lorist

Job Title: Senior Aircraft Data Consultant

Working at EXSYN since: July 2016


  1. The state of Texas has a special place in my heart. During my first trip, I fell in love with the environment, the people, and the temperature. My music taste has even changed to only contain Country. I have a pair of boots and even bought a hat. I even got maried there!
  2. Ever since I was in fourth grade I knew I wanted to do something in aviation and specifically helicopters. The sheer complexity of a helicopter has always intrigued me. I remember a quote from Robert Mason's Chickenhawk "An airplane wants to glide, a helicopter wants to tear itself apart".
  3. I love all different kinds of food. I am always exploring different cultures through their food and try to bring something home from my travels to use in my cooking. One of my favorite shows is Masterchef Australia, of which I must have seen most seasons.
  4. Being brought up with two older brothers, I have grown very fond of playing board games. Especially during the winter season, when it gets cold outside and you can sit inside with a cup of tea and a nice calm game of Risk, Catan, or 30 seconds (although they do become quite heated over time).
  5. During our travels, with all the work we are doing there is not much time for sightseeing. I have started to pick up skateboarding to alleviate this problem. This way I can do my sightseeing in foreign countries so much quicker. I am more of a casual skateboarder though and not going to try for a 900.


... Being able to leave your mark in improving the digitalization of the overall aviation industry. We have a small but well-rounded team and you can always depend on your colleagues whenever there is something not going as planned. Each project is different, as is each customer. This teaches you to be light on your feet and allows me to explore every facet of the industry and explore and develop myself. At EXSYN there is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and fun team that has your back at all times. Although it is currently a little different not being in the office together during Covid quarantine times we still keep the fun and the banter going via the conference calls.