Name: Gavin Gronert

Nationality: Dutch

Job Title: Aircraft Data Consultant

At EXSYN since: September 2015


  1. Almost 4 years ago I joined EXSYN as an intern. I’ve stuck around since. Find out why below.
  2. One of my reasons to move to our new Kuala Lumpur office was to finally be the tallest player in a basketball team, which I managed in a fully Japanese team
  3. I once biked from my hometown in The Netherlands to the Pyrenees. Not on a normal bike, but on a recumbent bicycle! Two years later the journey continued on foot from that same point in the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, totalling over 2100 kilometres.
  4. Though I don’t look that way, I am half Dutch & half German.
  5. Thanks to Sjoerd’s prowess at table football, eventually the push-ups made me strong enough to do a free-standing handstand. Something I’ve always wanted to master.


   very day brings interesting & challenging data topics to help the industry digitize.

X    marks the spot of EXSYN’s ideal blend of Aviation and IT, which I both studied.

   olidarity within the team boosts the atmosphere and unified reach for goals.

Y    ou as an individual make a noticeable difference.

N   ew adventures always lie just beyond the horizon.