Name: Alina Galdikaite

Job Title: Aircraft Data Engineering Support

Working at EXSYN since: February 2020


  1. I knew I wanted to work in aviation from the first flight back in childhood, something about it just really fascinated me and it did not fade till later when had to choose bachelor studies and I chose aviation management.
  2. At some point in life I hope to have 5 dogs, so far I've always had a dog, love playing and training them, they bring so much joy.
  3. Moving was always in my mind but didn't know where and so it happened to be Netherlands which has been really great experience. I enjoy traveling a lot although my goal is to live for a longer time in different countries to experience culture.
  4. I'm a great listener not a big talker, enjoy listening to stories and learning new things this way.
  5. Cinema - One of my favorite things. I enjoy watching history and real story based drama and documentary movies, sometimes even more analyzing how it’s made. I often after watching movie will spend double the time checking on YouTube anything I can find of how movie was built.


I joined EXSYN this year and it has been a great experience, it’s a great energy overall, working in an environment where each team member can be highly motivated as a team and as individuals.  Always looking forward for new challenges and improvement within EXSYN and for our customers. Aviation is desperately in need for better digital solutions and it’s a great path to be on.